Our farm in Prags / Braies

Welcome to our place!

There's a lot to explore during a farm holiday in Braies! The farm is at a height of about 1,300 metres, and quite close to Lake Braies and Prato Piazza. Breathtaking views of our majestic mountains are also included! Three generations of our family live at Waidacherhof farm, together with all our animals. And soon you'll be there too! Our apartments are a real home from home!


We love to offer hospitality - here's who we are

Your Hosts
  • Gerhard
    Farmer Gerhard likes to spend his time in natural surroundings. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities here. You will often see him out in the forest, felling trees and cutting up wood. Or you might find him in the barn, looking after the animals or playing with his children. But he also likes to talk about life on the farm, and will happily answer all your questions. 
  • Birgit
    Your hostess Birgit is a dedicated farmer and is generally somewhere around: either in the kitchen, the barn or the garden. She's very fond of children and is often surrounded by a little crowd. She is always on hand for her guests: to enjoy a pleasant chat, to resolve small problems or to recommend a trip.
  • Granny Rosa
    The garden is the loveliest spot on the farm - or so says Granny Rosa. Her garden is certainly amazing, and shows all the love and care she puts into it. Even the flowers are content at the Waidacherhof - thanks to Granny Rosa's green fingers.
  • Grandpa Pepe
    When Gerhard is out working in the woods, Grandpa Pepe takes his place in the barn and looks after the animals. He'll happily tell you some interesting stories about life on the farm, the place he has spent his entire life.
  • Lia & Ella, the two sisters Lia is a real bundle of energy, and loves jumping on the trampoline and petting the animals. But please look out for her little sister Ella, who's always happy to make friends with the children who come to stay. She'll be proud to introduce her animals to you!

Educational farm: it's great to be among animals!

Have you always wanted to look behind the scenes at a farm in the Braies Valley? On request, we'll happily take our guests into the barn, and let them collect new-laid eggs from our hen-house and pet and feed the animals. Anyone who wants to, can also lend a hand with the haymaking. We can always lend boots and overalls in different sizes to our helpers on the Farm. And after that? Everyone goes to the barn to enjoy jumping in the hay! Wowee!

Our "extended" family consists of:

  • 15 dairy cows
  • 15 heifers
  • 10 hens
  • 2 cats called Stiefl and Rotscher
  • 3 rabbits called Spitz, Lumpi and Max

Our farm products: infinite goodness!

Our cows provide us with fresh milk, and our busy free-range hens give us new-laid eggs every day. We also make our own yoghurt, herb spreads, and raspberry, blackcurrant and plum jam, as well as juice from elder or lilac flowers (when in season), using the ingredients that nature provides.

In addition, fresh, aromatic and spicy herbs and crisp vegetables grow in our herb & vegetable garden. You don’t have any basil or need some rosemary? Help yourself to whatever you need from our herb garden – it’s free. For our vegetable garden, we kindly ask you to let us know in advance if you need anything.

A ray of sunshine in the morning: our gourmet crates

  • The morning after your arrival, we will bring you a free breakfast crate with fresh eggs and farm milk, and fresh bread from the village bakery.
  • You can also choose your own breakfast crate (payable extra). Remember to order it from Birgit, by noon the previous day:  Small crate (for 1 person | € 15)
    Contents: fresh bread from the local bakery, farm milk, fresh eggs (if you ask, you can go to the hen-house early and collect these yourself), butter, home-made jam and yogurt, Nutella, coffee and cocoa powder.
  • Large crate (for 1 person | € 20) 
    Contents: fresh bread from the local bakery, farm milk, fresh eggs (if you ask, you can go to the hen-house early and collect these yourself), butter, homemade jam, herb spread, yoghurt, Nutella, cured meats, home-made cheese and fruit juice, coffee and cocoa powder.
  • A hearty afternoon snack? We recommend our typically South-Tyrolean:
    “Marende” crate (for 1 person | € 20)

    Contents: Speck, Schüttelbrot & Kaminwurze, cheese and homemade syrups (according to season)


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wellness on the farm

Wellness on the farm

since 8 December 2022

Even more relaxation awaits you at the Waidacherhof since December 2022!